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HMI lights provide the best quality lighting available – second only to daylight itself! It’s the preferred light source for movie production and Lunar Lighting bringsthis quality to your projects.

Our patented technology takes HMI to the next level, with glare-free, incredibly powerful and flexible solutions to suit any project.

Lunar Lighting HMI Lights

  • Glare free, diffused light
  • No shadows or hotspots
  • Globe efficacies up to 1,200,000 lumens
  • Fewer light units needed saves $$$
  • Hot re-strike
  • Selectable 180º or 360º
  • 6000º Kelvin is daylight quality

Conventional Lights

  • Blinding directional light
  • Heavy shadowing & hotspots
  • Up to 100,000 lumens per globe
  • More light units needed costs $$$
  • Up to 20 min wait to re-strike
  • Directional up to 180º
  • Unnatural colour temperature

Flexible options to suit your needs

Our HMI lights are available in a format to suit you – from highly portable tripod kits to mobile light plants, light towers, suspendable light heads and towers for permanent installation.