Bakpak Lights

Wearable Rescue Light

Powerful portable light for mobile operations

lunar bakpak lightCarry on your back, the light that walks with you

The Lunar 12V BakPak light is the perfect solution for mobile lighting. Whether it’s a search-and-rescue operation, regular night maintenance or repair call outs, your teams can have daylight-quality lighting wherever they go.

Perfect for:

  • Search and rescue
  • Mobile work teams
  • Maintenance call outs at night or during blackouts
  • Rail trackwork
  • Space limited areas
  • Li-Ion battery

12V BakPak Light Features

  • Lightweight, easy to carry, weighs only 8kg
  • Glare free coverage of approximately 250m²
  • 360° and 180° capability – the glare-free BakPak can be easily changed from a diffused 360° to a directional beam, allowing better control of lighting
  • All weather conditions – is weather-proof and works in extreme conditions
  • 6000°K colour temperature – close to daylight quality
  • Low maintenance – the HID lamp is rated for 5,000 hours = 600 nights of full 8 hour use
  • Solar charging mats available
  • Rechargeable, Lithium ion battery (1kg). One battery lasts for 4 hours
  • Recharge from car cigarette lighter or mains power – accessories included

* Features and specifications may be subject to change at any time without notice.