Lunar Lighting Products For Sale & Hire

Our range of products include:

LED Lighting

Lighting Towers

Forget blinding glare, high fuel costs and needing too many towers to get the job done.

Our glare-free light towers outperform conventional systems in several key areas, reducing your costs while providing greater flexibility and enabling huge productivity gains.

LED Lighting

LED lights and lighting towers have revolutionised large area lighting with their efficiency and reliability. But not all LED lights are the same. Our LED lights offer the HIGHEST Lumens per Watt available on the world market.

HMI Lighting

HMI lights provide the best quality lighting available – second only to daylight itself! It’s the preferred light source for movie production and Lunar Lighting brings this quality to your projects.

Our patented technology takes HMI to the next level, with glare-free, incredibly powerful and flexible solutions to suit any project.

2000W Lunar Light

The Lunar 2000W halogen light is a flexible, powerful light for roadworks, construction, public events, mining, maintenance, emergency, military and security applications.

It runs from either a conventional power source or a small generator. It can be transported in a car, and set up quickly and easily.

Bakpak Lights

The Lunar 12V BakPak light is the perfect solution for mobile lighting. Whether it’s a search-and-rescue operation, regular night maintenance or repair call outs, your teams can have daylight-quality lighting wherever they go.

12000W HMI Light Tower

The Lunar 12,000W HMI lighting tower is the brightest, most powerful light on the market with the globe rated at 1,200,000 lumens.

Replacing up to six conventional light towers and illuminating up to 50,000m², it not only turns night into day but it saves you significant amounts of time and money.


Lunar Lighting makes world class-leading floodlights for large-area outdoor illumination, without the glare typical of other systems.

Infrared Lights

Our powerful IR lights illuminate huge areas for night vision surveillance – up to approx. 50,000 m²*.

The 12,000W globe is rated at 1,200,000 lumens output.

Rigid Polymer Lights

Rigid Polymer HMI Lunar Lights are designed for permanent installation in situations where large outdoor areas need daylight-quality, glare-free lighting.

Our products at a glance:

Please note – specifications and information are subject to change at any time without notice

ProductArea Lit (Approx)Area Lit (Approx)Towed? Weight (Approx)Glare FreeSetupRestrike
12000W HMI Light Tower50,000 m²** 59,800 sq. yardsYes1,900 kg 4,188lbsYes5 minsInstant Restrike
4000W HMI Lunar Light8,000 m² 9,567 sq. yardsNo - inside vehicle1,900 kg 4,188lbsYes5 minsInstant Restrike
4000W HMI Lunar Light2,000 m² 2,392 sq. yardsNo - inside vehicle35kg | 78lbs (light head)Yes5 minsInstant Restrike
4000W HMI Lunar Light3,000 m² 3,588 sq. yardsNo - inside vehicle16kg | 35lbs (light head)Yes5 minsInstant Restrike
1710W LED Light9,843 m² 10,764 sq. yardsYes13.6kg | 30lbs (light head)Yes1-2 minsInstant Restrike