What Is The Future Of Lighting

What Is The Future Of Lighting

At Lunar Lighting we are always on the forefront of lighting technologies but what does the future hold for us and how will it shape our ability to illuminate?

Lighting and its associated technologies are evolving at a spectacular rate and the possibilities of what can be achieved are shifting all the time as we make new and exciting discoveries. It is easy to forget that right up until the middle of the 20th century we were lighting our homes and businesses with oil or gas. Compare that with what we are now able to achieve today and you begin to realise that the future is bright. Many of the rules that have bound lighting in the past are beginning to fall away and this means that we can begin to imagine a world with lighting solutions that wouldn’t be out of place in science fiction.

Independently powered lighting

The link between electricity and lighting is one that has been inescapable in the 20th and 21st centuries but this relationship has become less and less of necessity as we move towards a decentralised power supply. With the evolution of alternative power supplies like solar energy, we are now less dependent on power that is provided for us and as a result we can reduce the impact on the environment.

The rise of ‘smart’ lighting

The ability of lighting technologies to regulate themselves has been one of the most important developments in recent times and we are hopeful that smart lighting will replace all other forms within the next few years. We will eventually migrate away from the use of switches and buttons and towards things like motion sensors and lighting notifications that alert you to things like rainfall, changes in temperature and even acting as a doorbell or alarm clock. This smart lighting will extend to our cities as well and self-dimming streetlights would save an immense amount of energy. Smart lighting could even be used to indicate dangerous traffic situations and to provide charging access to electric cars.

The applications for smart lighting are almost limitless and you can expect us to be front and centre wherever there are new and exciting developments in the world of lighting. To find out about our current range of lighting solutions, or to get in touch with us, please click here.