The benefits of glare free LED lighting

The benefits of glare free LED lighting

What is glare-free lighting?

Glare refers to the difficulty of seeing when in the presence of bright lighting, it could be direct or reflected natural sunlight or artificial lighting. In a professional setting, a glare-free lighting space is needed in order for people to work successfully, while social or sporting events are far more enjoyable when you can focus on the event, rather than trying to keep the glare out of your eyes. The glare from lighting can not only cause discomfort but can also cause accidents if you’re unable to see properly or are blinded by the lights around you.

Our superior glare-free LED light towers and portable lighting systems provide 360 directional lightings and are dimmable. The LED efficacy is up to 218lm/W which is a lot better than our competitors. Getting quality lighting for your event or site means you save money by getting it right the first time. The zing of our light also makes them very flexible so you reach a great amount of space and that enables you to maximise on productivity.


Benefits of glare-free lighting in sporting events

The sports field need to be lit up for evening games and the crowd needs to be able to view the game properly without being blinded by glaring lights. The players themselves need to see each other to have an effective game. Our lights are constantly used in football fields, cricket grounds and major stadiums which has enhanced our reputation among major sporting facilities and organisers.

The following properties make us the number one service provider for your sporting event:

  • The glare-free floodlights and towers are available for hire and to buy
  • Whether you need lighting for just one event or need a more permanent solution, we have a number of choices available
  • Daylight quality
  • Safe glare-free lighting
  • Fewer lights needed due to outstanding quality, generating substantial long-term savings
  • 360 light direction

Benefits of glare-free lighting in construction sites

A glare-free light source in a construction site could be a matter of life and death, these sites often have a lot of workers present and done at night so as to not interrupt the normal day to day running’s of that particular town or neighbourhood. Your workers’ lives are safe if they are working in a bright environment where they can see their machinery and each other. Our LED glare-free lighting mimics natural sunlight and this provides good lighting for your workers. A lot of companies find that even when they’ve utilised just one or two of our light solutions they were able to light a vast amount of space which proves to be economical.

Ensuring that the light source is high quality is also important, at Lunar lighting our LED lights offer the highest lumens per watt, our prices are also highly competitive.

If you’re looking to have quality lighting and at a great price, get in touch with us today.